At The Lebanese Bakery, we are all about paying homage to our heritage while also taking it to new places.

We serve our own, modern take on the traditional, subtly enhancing authentic recipes to create our own manousheh. Depending on where we are in the world, we design signature flatbreads. New methods and the freshest ingredients are used to bring out authentic Lebanese flavours and share the warm and familiar tastes of home in every bite.


A simple home-made spread made from fresh basil, pine nuts and olive oil is smeared onto our original dough. The flatbread is then topped with just the right amount of halloumi slices and placed in the furn (oven) until the salty cheese comes out lightly melted.


Hummus, a classic chickpea and sesame paste Lebanese dip, is dolloped onto a thick dough before being fired up. Out of the furn, the flatbread is topped with roasted beetroot for colour and sweetness followed by wild peppery rocket leaves, fresh aromatic zaatar and crispy toasted pine nuts for a burst of savours.


Stringy white local cheese is spread out onto a dough of your choice and freshly baked. Rocket leaves and a drizzle of Lebanese olive oil are added just before serving to compliment the strong saltiness of the threads.


A thick paste of roasted capsicum, walnuts and a special spice blend is spread onto dough and fired up. Thick chunks of goat labneh (strained yogurt), cucumber julienne and a sprinkle of nigella seeds top the warm flatbread to bring out the rich, smoky flavour of the deep red base.


An aromatic mix of roasted red capsicum, tomato and a chilli spice is the heart of this take on a traditional regional recipe. Two eggs are cracked onto the base and baked in the open furn. Fresh flatleaf parsley is sprinkled on top to complement the distinct colours and ever so subtly bring out the flavours.


Roasted aubergine and cauliflower are spread out onto a thin dough base and placed in the furn for the flavours to meld. Flat leaf parsley, pumpkin seeds and plump cherry tomatoes are sprinkled on top, bringing out the earthy taste. The flatbread is served with a side of tahini dip, in tribute to the traditional fried vegan recipe prepared for meat-less Fridays.


Our take on the classical taouk starts with a distinct marinade. The pan-cooked chicken is generously mounded on freshly rolled out dough, fired up and then topped with a heap of shredded romaine lettuce in toum (garlic paste) and home-made cucumber for crunch.


Halawa (Lebanese halva) is spread and baked on freshly rolled out dough. Out of the furn, the caramelised sesame seed confection is topped with fresh strawberry halves, a sprinkle of crushed pistachios and just a dash of mint for punch.


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