The Lebanese Bakery (TLB) is at the heart of every neighbourhood. The specialty bakery and eatery serves a delicious take on traditional manousheh and mouajjanet – the quintessential everyday Lebanese food.

Flatbreads and bites are freshly baked and served straight out of the oven. Savoury and sweet manousheh are spread, topped, sprinkled and drizzled with quality ingredients, carefully and responsibly sourced from hand-picked farmers from across Lebanon. Every layer of flavour captures the charm and diverse savours of Lebanon, and each heartening bite, the comfort and familiarity of everyone’s favourite essential.

Founding Lebanese brothers’s passion and mission is to pay homage to the manousheh, to subtly enhance and modernise traditional recipes with creativity and attention to every bite. Consequently, each item on the menu is mindfully designed to bring out the best in every ingredient. After opening up the first furn (bakery) in the bustling Achrafieh neighbourhood, the brothers decided to expand their specialty eatery in order to share Lebanese pride, food heritage and popular traditions. As of 2019, TLB has opened three branches in Europe and the Middle East.


We are proud to be faithful to the customs of traditional Lebanese bakers. Be it through the making or the serving, we offer at all times and everywhere we land the essence of original flavors and a gratifying simplicity reminiscent of authentic neighborhood bakeries.


We are driven by our own passion for food, design, and culture that feeds into our enthusiasm of constantly originating novelty. We bring this spirit into creating simple, warm and flavourful pleasures while proposing new experiences.


We are committed to deliver quality. We meticulously select local and natural ingredients and employ the prowess and talent of our dedicated team to spread our heritage and contribute to its making.


The Lebanese Bakery is rooted in cultural habits extending conviviality to the bakery’s atmosphere. Our welcoming and cordial approach is inherited and our amiable energy feeds into our daily encounters.


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