We are a bakery in every neighbourhood brought to life by two Lebanese brothers in honour of their childhood memories. We are inspired by the flavours of Lebanon and crafted flatbreads ”manousheh ” and ”mouajjanet” heavenly bite-sized bakes, two pillars of Lebanese culture and cuisine.

Our bakeries are international hubs where people congregate to enjoy our food, meet old friends and make new ones. Every visit is a trip down memory lane or a venture into new experiences. Those journeys begin in our kitchens, where the harvests of our homeland meet century-old baking techniques, where the everyday simplicity of food on crafted flatbread is delivered in a hundred different ways.

But we are not just bakers. We are travellers, forever searching, infused with a renegade spirit to engrave the best of what we find into everything we do—our crafted flatbreads and beyond.

We are old Lebanon and new Lebanon for the pleasure of everyone, everywhere.

Rooted & Passionate

We are our memories. The people and places of our homeland, the smells that waft and the flavours that linger. These are the fundamental ingredients of everything we do – To draw a direct line from our present to our past.

Free to Fly

We are not tied by our heritage. We are pioneers, innovating our food with instinct and precision. We love to uncover lost recipes, experiment with new flavours, and redefine traditions.

Social & Welcoming

We are multicultural. Our food is for everyone and everywhere; those who’ve grown up with it and those who’ve never known it. We take as much pleasure from reawakening an old memory as the spark of a surprise.

Generous & Loving

Our team is an extension of our family. Everyone who works with us should feel cared for and respected. In return, we expect them to share our passion and buy into our ambition.


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